My name is Alix Maria Taulbee.

I'm an actress.. filmmaker, believer, dreamer, lover..

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  • Love…Lust…

    "Perhaps he lusted you, not loved you. Perhaps the way he would look at you was only so he could feel you, not your heart. Perhaps he is a shell of what would have been had he made different choices and you feel in love with what could have been, not what should have been. If indeed he did love you and lust you, then which weighs more in your heart? In love with the idea of him or loving him as he is? You aren’t flawless either, but you refuse to stoop to a place you simply don’t belong. You belong where he can lift you higher. Not pull you under. You can name a dozen of those but you can’t point out the one. That one will point out you." 

  • Alix Maria Taulbee
  • "inspired for the present. hope for the future. farewell to the past."
  • according to plan…

    things don’t always go “according to plan.”

    that’s why our own decisions dictate our future. naturally, we want to choose what’s best for us. sometimes things have to be adjusted to work within our present…and future.

    if you had to give up everything for the one you love and care about most, would you?

    I know I would in a heartbeat.